Want to know when your region restarts?

Here’s a small script you can create and place into any prim on your region, and it will send you an IM every time the region finishes a restart. This can be a lot more convenient than repeatedly trying to TP home!

  1. Edit any prim and press the “New Script” button on the Content tab.
  2. Double click the script to open the script editor.
  3. Erase all the text inside the new script
  4. Copy/paste the text below into the script editor
  5. Press Ctrl+S (or the save button)
  6. Make sure that you see the text “Save complete” in the bottom of the script editor!

Here’s the script:

  changed(integer change)
    if ( change & CHANGED_REGION_START )
      llInstantMessage( llGetOwner(), "Region just restarted." );