Upcoming Export Format

With the introduction of the export feature (coming soon), you’ll be able to download your sales history and your store credit balances.

Both types of exports will result in a .zip file that contains a .csv file.

A single line from the sales history export looks like this (please note that the line wraps because of the blog format, there’s no wrapping in the file. Each transaction is one line, terminated by carriage return/line feed):

"DavidThomas Scorbal","ad7b01b9-9b71-4beb-ba05-0c353ade5952","Big Blue Box","2017-09-01 09:12:41","BlackFish","125","C","",""

The columns, in order, are:

Purchaser Name 
Purchaser UUID 
Item Name 
Purchase Date 
Purchase Region 
Payment Method (L = lindens, C = credit) 
Recipient Name (blank unless bought as a gift) 
Recipient UUID (blank unless bought as a gift)

Here’s an example of a line when the item was purchased as a gift.

"DavidThomas Scorbal","ad7b01b9-9b71-4beb-ba05-0c353ade5952","Big Red Box","2017-09-04 12:15:00","BlackFish","125","L","Ethan Renobaum","378d5dc6-9e5e-4107-baf4-922c0efda1f1"

The credit balance export looks like this:

"DavidThomas Scorbal","ad7b01b9-9b71-4beb-ba05-0c353ade5952","1200"
"Ethan Renobaum","378d5dc6-9e5e-4107-baf4-922c0efda1f1","215"

The columns, in order, are:

Avatar Name
Avatar UUID