Copy scripts

The E2V-3 box contains two scripts to help copy the contents of one prim to another prim. The scripts are:

Copy prim contents - FROM HERE
Copy prim contents - TO HERE

We’ll call these the “FROM” script and the “TO” script.

To use the scripts:

  1. Drop the “FROM” script into the prim that contains the contents you want to copy.
  2. Drop the “TO” script into the prim that you want to copy the above contents into.
  3. Wait for a moment. The contents will be copied, and then both scripts will automatically remove themselves.
  4. Always complete one copy before doing another copy – even if you’re copying to/from the same prim(s) multiple times.

If you’re using these scripts to copy items into your E2V Inventory Server, remember that you will need to use “Edit Linked Parts” and put the TO script into one┬áspecific Storage Box at a time. You can place the TO script into the same prim over and over, to copy from several different objects into the same Storage Box, or you can put the TO script into a different Storage Box each time.