Splits in version 2 scripts

There are a few scripts in the E2V system that are actually still version 2 scripts, just renamed to fit into the rest of the version 3 package. The SimpleVendor and AnimVendor scripts are two of these.

This article will explain how to do splits with these scripts.

Step 1 – Create the split plan on the version 2 website. Log in with your normal avatar name and password from the version 3 site. Click the Splits tab, and create a new split.

Step 2 – Refer to the split in the vendor description field. Vendor options with version 2 scripts use the “s:” option to specify a split name. For example, the following options line set the item for sale for L$100, and uses a split named “dts”:

p:100 s:dts

Step 3 – For the animation vendor only, you will need to use the extra Utils script provided in the box also. This is because each script can hold permissions for only 1 avatar at a time. The main script will hold the animate permissions for the person posing, and the Utils script will hold the permissions for the store owner to pay the splits. Add the utils script first, then the main script.