Events vs Main Stores

“How do I set up for an event, which is on a different region than my main store?”

I answer this question a lot, which is a sure indication that it’s confusing! There are big changes coming in Version 4, to simplify this (and a million other things). But for now, I’ll recap how things work in Version 3.

No Difference Between Events and Main Stores

This is the important thing to remember: there is no difference between your “main store” and an “event.” Here’s all the system cares about: regions. Any region where you want to have vendors will be set up the same as any other region.

Sometimes people get confused by the Inventory Server being on the same region as one of their stores. The Inventory Server can live on any region in SL, whether you have a store there or not. If you have a private home sim, your Inventory Server can live there. It’s the one special-case object in the system, because you only need one of them to cover the entire SL grid, and it does not matter what region you keep it on.

How to Set Up on Any Region

Here’s how you set up any region in SL to have your vendors on it (in the current version!)

  1. Rez a Store Controller, then a Transaction Relay, and then a Delivery Relay. Remember that only objects that come from the Release 9 folder will work.
  2. Now you can create vendors.

If you use Take in your viewer to grab copies of working vendors from one region to rez them on another region, it’s always a good idea to reset everything once you’re done rezzing vendors.

Can’t Spare The Prims?

If you can’t spare the 3 prims needed for the store support objects, there are other options.

I can spare 2 prims – If you place a boxed copy of the product inside every vendor prim, then you will no longer need the Delivery Relay.

I can’t spare any prims – Then you will need to use a script called the EventVendor, which you’ll find in your Release 9 folder. The EventVendor also requires that the boxed product be placed inside the vendor prim. It also has a different way of setting the vendor options. If you need to use this script, please shoot me an IM and I’ll help you get the options set correctly.