Limited Quantity Items in Version 3

Doing limited quantity items in version 3 is doable, but nowhere near as streamlined as I would like, so I apologize for this in advance. In version 4 this feature will be a million times easier!

That said, here’s a step by step guide to doing limited quantity items in version 3:

  1. You must be using Release 9, which everyone should be using already.
  2. In the Release 9 folder you have a script called EventVendor 3.0 – this is the script you’ll be using instead of the regular Vendor 3.7 script.
  3. Using your regular login info, log in here:
  4. IMPORTANT: Click the Settings tab and press the Save Changes button. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP.
  6. Click the Reports tab, then the Limited Stock tab.
  7. Click the Create New Item button.
  8. Enter a Product Name. This name is only a reminder for you, it doesn’t matter to the system, and does not need to match the actual box you’re selling.
  9. Enter a starting quantity.
  10. Press OK
  11. You will see the item you just created at the top of the list. The system will assign a Product ID to your item automatically. You need this number, so write it down.
  12. Create your vendor object and place the box you’re selling inside the vendor object’s inventory. It should also go into the Inventory Server, to allow for redelivery.
  13. Place the price in the vendor object description using the p: option. For example¬†“p:200” would be L$200.
  14. Add a space and put the Product ID using the l: option (lower-case L). For example, “l:451” if you were assigned a Product ID of 451.
  15. Options should have spaces between them, so in this example, the final Description line would be “p:200 l:451” (without the quotes)
  16. Drop in the EventVendor 3.0 script.