Resetting Inventory Server Scripts

  1. Select one single product, either a vendor in-world or a redelivery item listed on your redelivery page.
  2. Locate which Storage Box on the Inventory Server contains this product.
  3. Copy the “bootstrap” script from that Storage Box into your inventory.
  4. Delete both scripts from the Storage Box
  5. Add the “bootstrap” script back into the Storage Box. (Yes, you just deleted it and then put it right back in.)
  6. Click the Inventory Server and select “Reset” – you’ll see floating text saying that a script is being delivered to a UUID. The Storage Box will now contain both scripts again.

Now test your product again.

If you need to do this to each Storage Box, here’s a shortcut. You only need 1 copy of the bootstrap script – they’re all the same. So just take one copy, then delete the scripts from all Storage Boxes, then add the bootstrap script back to each Storage Box, then reset the Server and the other script will be delivered to each of the boxes for you.